Object: Flue Gas Cleaning System

gas cleaning system of a WTE plant

Design and basic engineering

The client, owner of the wte plant Silla2 in Milan, appointed W.T.E. to provide a solution for the treatment of the primary air, drawn from the refuse pit of the plant. WTE designed a system in two stages. A self-cleaning filter, operating as metallic sieves, was recommended. As the plant needed a deeper cleaning system …

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Engineering services

Redecam Group Spa and W.T.E. signed an agreement concerning the provision of engineering services, precisely of the process engineering and technical consulting in the field of gas cleaning system (Sodium-bicarbonate Dry Flue Gas Cleaning System)

Flue gas cleaning system dimensioning

Engineering services

W.T.E. provided  engineering services to Redecam Group in the project of a new Flue Gas Cleaning System – dry type

Flue gas cleaning system dimensioning

Offer engineering

Carlo Gavazzi Impianti requested  W.T.E.  to deliver  engineering services in order to complete the documents for tender concerning the thermal cycle (27 MWe) and the flue gas cleaning system of a new biomass to energy plant. W.T.E.  calculated energy and mass balances both in-  and off-design and delivered Process Flow Diagrams.    

Feasibility study of a CHPP plant: from coal to RDF/biomass.

SIA Ventspils Siltum, Multitutility of  Ventspils City (Latvia) is in charge of managing the urban district heating. In 2014 Ventspils Siltum commissioned  W.T.E.  to carry out the technical-economic feasibility study to revamp an existing furnace-boiler, originally designed to be fed by coal following Russian technology. To reduce coal consumption W.T.E. studied the conversion to RDF …

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SCR standardisation on GT HRSG boilers

The Client requested W.T.E. to provide mechanical and thermodynamic standardisation, performance test procedure and erection engineering analysis about boilers to be revamped by SCR deNOx systems, to treat flue gas released from a natural gas (gas turbine). W.T.E. delivered technical specifications for work instruction, SCR catalyst, ammonia injection, storage and dosing, ammonia grid, flow control …

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Engineering services

W.T.E. delivered to ALSTOM engineering services related to the new DeSOx system to be installed downstream a 320 MWe utility boiler on the coal power plant in Litoral Almeria (ES).

Generation and capture of furans and dioxins in steell mill

ALSTOM Power Italia SpA commissioned to W.T.E. an analysis about dioxin and furan, generated during the melting process into the steel mill electric arc furnace (EAF). The study was integrated by a preliminary project of different abatement plant sections.