Object: Process & Combustion Control

Engineering service

Enhancement and Tuning Control Loops – The existing Combustion Control system was originally delivered by W.T.E. to Dister Energia for the biomass plant with 24 MWth of capacity operating in Faenza (FC).

Tuning of combustion control system

After the start-up of the MSW incineration plant in Vercelli and some years of running, , the plant management needed an additional support to optimize the combustion control system, previously delivered by W.T.E., due to the increased variability of the urban waste composition and higher heating value, caused by the spot presence of hazardous waste. …

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software for boiler fouling prediction

Predictive monitoring of boiler fouling

Development of a software for the predictive monitoring of boiler fouling to: adjust in real-time of the soot blowing cycles predict concretions and build-up schedule plant downtime for cleaning operation W.T.E. provided software to process boiler bundles thermodynamic data in order to advice operators about fouling.