Activity: Engineering services

Engineering services

Redecam Group Spa and W.T.E. signed an agreement concerning the provision of engineering services, precisely of the process engineering and technical consulting in the field of gas cleaning system (Sodium-bicarbonate Dry Flue Gas Cleaning System)

Tuning of combustion control system

After the start-up of the MSW incineration plant in Vercelli and some years of running, , the plant management needed an additional support to optimize the combustion control system, previously delivered by W.T.E., due to the increased variability of the urban waste composition and higher heating value, caused by the spot presence of hazardous waste. …

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waste to energy A2A Brescia depurazione fumi

Engineering services for QA/QC

ALSTOM POWER Italia required the provision of QA/QC engineering services. The quality plan referred to a Project of an upgrading of desulphurisation system on an existing waste to energy plant (Brescia). The main scope of work included reducing emissions of sulphur oxides (SOx) at the stack and optimising the consumption of chemicals in the meantime. …

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feeding system

Engineering services

W.T.E. supported TBF AG  in the engineering of the feasibility study for the feasibility study of new AMSA Milano 61.5 MWt incineration plant.    

Structural engineering of gravel silos installed in a pit.

W.T.E. developed the structural engineering of the  silos to be erected in a gravel pit. During the construction serious structural faults arised and W.T.E. was appointed to verify calculation and carry out the remediation project in order to reinforce  the load-bearing structure. Final client  Cava ARMATI- Sovere (BG)